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ADURA LED Solutions is all about COOL Lighting. LEDs generate heat and the heat must be managed properly. ADURA LED COOL Lighting Modules uses SinkPADTM II Technology to provide a High Performance LED Modules to help designers with best in class heat dissipation, longer life and better overall Luminaire performance.

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality LED modules in California, USA, ADURA LED SOLUTIONS (ALS) has gained high market shares, accumulated good reputation and credibility in the North America domestic market by offering excellent quality products with a competitive price and exceptional customer service.

Enhanced Direct
Thermal Path with
Innovative SinkPADTM
PCB Technology

sinkpad led board
Luxeon M 5784
Luxeon M 5784
LOB 1979C,1981C,1983C

Led on Board

ADURA LOB simplifies luminaire design and manufacturing by uniform emitting surface enables both directional and non-directional applications. ADURA LOB arrays are available in several LES and LED configurations, engineered to enable new degree of flexibility and reliability over a broad range of electrical currents. Our SinkPAD Technology platform delivers high lumen density with improved THERMAL over a conventional chip on board (COB).

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